A manager’s CV

I regularly wonder what a cover letter from a leader or manager looks like today. I once read some resumes and there was nothing to complain about. In practice, these beautiful words and sentences turned out not to come out of the paint. Partly that I think of the unruly practice and partly of hubris, integrity, stubbornness and some such terms. Scientific studies have been carried out that prove that qualities such as judgment and character traits cannot be described. And yet most people spend a lot of time on it. The… Read More

Emotional source for personal leadership(1)

“Once upon a time there was a flood in India, where a hill with a bungalow on top remained dry and became a refuge for some wildlife, in addition to the people who were there. At one point, a Bengal king tiger came to swim, and when he reached the height he lay panting like a dog on the ground amidst the people, obsessed with fear. The tiger’s usual aggressiveness was temporarily supplanted by the fear that became supreme in him and formed a new center of character in him. ” Henry… Read More