Bounce therapy

Young people with ADHD are prone to addiction. Absolutely true! According to research, young people who use medication for this are less likely to use drugs. “Preventively fill them with pills before they start self-medicating.” That is what many a psychiatrist calls. Absolute nonsense! They already use drugs! The psychiatrist is the dealer and a lot of money is made from it. We are there and look at it. Medikinet, Ritalin and Concerta are the most famous ‘legal’ drugs that thousands of young people swallow every day. All three fall under the… Read More

Emotional source for personal leadership(1)

“Once upon a time there was a flood in India, where a hill with a bungalow on top remained dry and became a refuge for some wildlife, in addition to the people who were there. At one point, a Bengal king tiger came to swim, and when he reached the height he lay panting like a dog on the ground amidst the people, obsessed with fear. The tiger’s usual aggressiveness was temporarily supplanted by the fear that became supreme in him and formed a new center of character in him. ” Henry… Read More