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What is Co-dependency?

Test co-dependency addiction. Co-dependency can arise or manifest itself when you, as a close relative of someone with substance abuse, addiction or other form of destructive behavior, are involved for a longer period of time through. education or partnership. Second, Co-dependency largely exhibits the same behavioral patterns as those of someone with an addiction. Help with co-dependency aims to break negative behavior patterns, accept help and prevent bigger problems in the relationship, health and safety.

Co-dependency can arise in two ways:

1.  During a relationship with someone with substance abuse or addiction.
2. Due to factors of upbringing. Consider, for example, a (grand)parent with an addiction that causes patterns to be adopted by the next generation.

Test Co-dependency by addiction

It often happens that both situations are involved. The test helps to become aware of this and to take steps to seek help. It’s a tool for recognizing four patterns of co-dependence on a loved one with destructive behavior.

  1. Pattern of denial

  2. Pattern of low self-esteem

  3. Pattern of compliance

  4. Pattern of control

The test is also available in Dutch

The outcome of the test is not binding medical or psychological advice.

After ordering the test you will receive a link in your email. You get access to the test for one month and can take the test as often as you want. If the link is no longer valid, you can request a new password. After one month, the password and access will expire.


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