Test gambling addiction and treatment



Test gambling addiction and choice of treatment

Test gambling addiction treatment

In practice, it appears that employers or direct managers are the first to identify problematic gambling or addiction in an employee. Employers are often willing to help an employee deal with gambling addiction. After all, it is in the interests of retaining a good employee and reducing absenteeism. But also consider, for example, promoting the health of employees and preventing reputational damage. But in many situations, practical tools are missing to take the first steps that can lead to early identification and tackling the problem. This test can help with that.

Understanding gambling addiction

The test provides insight into the seriousness of gambling and what action can be taken. Gambling distinguishes itself in different phases, which can eventually lead to destructive behavior. By destructive behavior we mean harming or harming oneself or others. Consider, for example, addiction, physical or mental violence, racism, cyber crime, fraud and financial and economic crime.

Test Treatment choice

Do you doubt whether it is necessary to do something about gambling or do others think that something should be done about it? The first step is often difficult and in that phase people are not quite ready for change. Gambling addiction sometimes causes problems and people resolve to change it. The test provides insight into whether people are ready for change and which approach is needed.

What does the test measure?

  • the degree of seriousness of the gambling
  • skills and motivation
  • insight into which approach can help further

How does the test for gambling addiction work?

  • After the test has been ordered, you will receive a link with an invitation in your mailbox. This will give you access to the test.
  • As an employer, you send the link of the invitation to the relevant employee. That way the test is always anonymous. Only the employer and employee are aware of this.
  • The test takes about 10 minutes.
  • Employee answers the multiple-choice questions.
  • The employee gains insight into the seriousness of the gambling.
  • The employee is advised which approach is suitable or not yet.
  • After taking the test, the employee receives the result with a certificate.
  • The employee shares the result with the employer. Subsequently, agreements can be made about the follow-up.
  • After purchasing the test you will receive an invitation in your email. Further, You get direct access to the test for one month from purchase and can take the test as often as you want. If the link is no longer valid, you can request a new password. After one month, the password and access will expire.

The test is also available in Dutch.

General privacy information

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