Bounce therapy

Young people with ADHD are prone to addiction. Absolutely true! According to research, young people who use medication for this are less likely to use drugs. “Preventively fill them with pills before they start self-medicating.” That is what many a psychiatrist calls. Absolute nonsense! They already use drugs! The psychiatrist is the dealer and a lot of money is made from it. We are there and look at it. Medikinet, Ritalin and Concerta are the most famous ‘legal’ drugs that thousands of young people swallow every day. All three fall under the… Read More

Socratic conversation to solve problems

What is Socratic motivation?People do not change under duress. Exercise your coercion and it will irrevocably go wrong with the matter you want to change. The people involved only want to change if they want to, of their own free will. Socratic motivation is about inner motivation and not about the coercion of external advice. Circumstances and the moment play an important role in this. If you want to change people against their will, you will experience anger, sadness, frustration, irritation and you will be perceived as pushy. During Socratic motivation, a… Read More

A manager’s CV

I regularly wonder what a cover letter from a leader or manager looks like today. I once read some resumes and there was nothing to complain about. In practice, these beautiful words and sentences turned out not to come out of the paint. Partly that I think of the unruly practice and partly of hubris, integrity, stubbornness and some such terms. Scientific studies have been carried out that prove that qualities such as judgment and character traits cannot be described. And yet most people spend a lot of time on it. The… Read More

Rudimentair geheugen en neuroplasticiteit: brein educatie voor persoonlijke en geestelijke groei

Ons brein is op sterven na dood tenminste, als het te lang en te veel eenzijdige kennis opgeslagen krijgt. Op de kleuterschool, basisschool en tijdens al het onderwijs wat daarna komt doen we allerlei kennis op. Maar ook levenservaring is een vorm van kennis. Dat maakt dat we kunnen functioneren, communiceren en produceren en noem alles maar op wat we met kennis kunnen doen. Echter, op jonge leeftijd doen we niet of nauwelijks kennis op van het orgaan zelf waar die kennis wordt opgeslagen en wordt verwerkt. Dat zou wel moeten. Het… Read More

Chores on your character

Coaching en persoonlijk leiderschap

Do you have a dream?

Dream, believing, inspiration, leadership

Vince Lombardi: Not of granite

Mindset, coaching